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Jenni Carroll

I am a photographer and conceptual artist who specializes in conceptual fine art imagery and high volume retouching. My strengths lie in my ability to wield photoshop for any project regardless of size and intensity. This allows me to work on multiple levels, fine art, commercial, high fashion, lifestyle, etc. and mold my abilities to whatever the client needs. My work is primarily about the relationship between  constructed realities and consensus realities. I like to describe my process as making simulations of simulations of simulations. I photograph in places like amusement parks, zoos, aquariums—places that are intentionally designed as self-contained constructed realities, and then I will mold them and create my own realities within the digital world. My two major categories of photography, both fine art and retouching, go hand in hand as both involve a large influx of time spent in photoshop. Getting in the zone there is where I truly thrive. 

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